Mark Oldfield hired as a consultant on Trading Spaces.

With over 10,000 whole house inspections performed in the past 19 years, Mark Oldfield has established himself as an accurate and thorough licensed, certified, and insured home and building inspector.  In these past 19 years, home inspecting has been Mark’s full-time occupation.

Mark attends continuing education seminars on a regular basis to stay current with the State of Illinois licensing requirements, as all Illinois home inspectors in good standing must.  Beyond the state licensing and just as important, Mark must pass continuing education courses to stay compliant and in good standing as a Certified Inspector of the American Society of Home Inspectors (the oldest, largest, and most recognized home inspector organization in America since 1976).

Mark was employed over nine years by a custom home builder as a union carpenter formally trained through the Carpenter’s Apprentice Program working out of Local 480.  Other responsibilities while working for the custom home builder included: field service technician trouble shooting specific structural and mechanical issues; customer service representative helping clientele with floor plan and option decisions; and sales agent administering home buyer and real estate agent needs.

Prior to that, from his teens to his early twenties, Mark worked for his family’s home rehabilitation and rental business working along side crew members including carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians.  It was during this time that Mark worked his way through college earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration specializing in Marketing from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

Mark has been hired as a consultant for the popular TV show “Trading Spaces” and as an expert witness for a large St. Louis law firm.

Over the past 30 years Mark has acquired a keen knowledge of all aspects of residential and building structure and mechanics the old fashion way….hands on.